Hi friends,

Today , I got spinach !
This was grown in Iwaki area , and the one which was rejected to ship out.

Perhaps you might know , that goverment directed to stop shipping all spinach which is made in Fukushima pref.
Do you know the reason ? Of course , it is because of radiation.
However , specified limit of radiation amount for such veggies is too strict.
Everyday , tons of such viggies , milk are being disposed in Fukushima , Tochigi and Ibaraki pref.
I do not think this is already radiated and affecting our health , I can ignore it.


Now , farmers are crying.
If this was really critical level , I never eat it , of course. However , still it shall be OK.


Champignon , which is NOT derected to stop , is also affected.
Since this was Fukushima-made , no one wanted to buy.
(Actually this was grown in plastic greenhouse !)
Farmers are crying.

I ate both , without any hesitation.


This is radiation amount simulation result. (Unit : μSv)
At least Iwaki can be stay safe.
It is much lower than the radiation amount of 1 time X-ray.

By the way , it is announced that water supply recovery of my area will be 13.Apr. Tough...... :-(

From tomorrow , our company will be started again.